An analysis of the idea of slavery reparation

The problems of poor African Americans are caused by social ills within the inner city, such as the breakdown of families, high crime rates, and dependence on welfare. The uncompensated wrong takes two forms: The claim was rejected by the British government, which said it could not be held accountable for wrongs in past centuries.

The rewards of his victory in the competition are his alone, to be shared only with certain prescribed people e. Share via Email InRev. Society, propelled by a set of values that were manifested in the laws, allowed the injury to take place and to remain uncompensated for generations.

Reparations for slavery

In the short term, victims of direct violence may be compensated: Jesse Jackson praised Mayor Livingstone, and added that reparations should be made. Whenever three respectable negroes, heads of families, shall desire to settle on land, and shall have selected for that purpose an island or a locality clearly defined, within the limits above designated, the Inspector of Settlements and Plantations will himself, or by such subordinate officer as he may appoint, give them a license to settle such island or district, and afford them such assistance as he can to enable them to establish a peaceable agricultural settlement.

These assumptions can have deep consequences, Coates says: It is a claim against American government and society, which has continued from the time of slavery.

5 Reasons Slavery Reparations Are An Idiotic Idea

Micro-loans could help aspiring small business owners to get on their feet. The reparationist identifies a second type of injury arising out of slavery: Coates lays out his argument over 17 pages, spanning — as the cover boldly declares in black, white and red — " years of slavery, 90 years of Jim Crow, 60 years of separate but equal and 35 years of state-sanctioned redlining".

Do you agree or disagree that many problems faced today by the African-American community are the "legacy of slavery"? I suspect that The Atlantic got a lot more black readers this week, and that white readers were introduced to a topic they likely have not fully considered until now.

Morally speaking, do you think a person can owe a debt based on the actions of previous generations? Slavery was all over the South, and it was outlawed in most of the North. Should central Asian nations demand repayment from Mongolia for the actions of Genghis Khan? By Aaron Bandler February 23, The Huffington Post published an idiotic piece arguing that slavery reparations are possible and logical.

Opposition to reparations[ edit ] Prior to the Durban Review ConferencePresident of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade stated that the idea of reparations was "insulting" because it insinuated that providing compensation for slavery would make it "cease to exist". Most of the anonymous requests ask for job help or legal advice, but so far, more white people have been posting, many proposing more abstract services like psychological and spiritual guidance.

Finally, reparations are opposed for a number of practical reasons, including economic feasibility. The extent of the injury is magnified when all of the people in the community who came into contact with these descendants of Aaron Page in their impoverished state, and who could have derived greater benefit from their contacts if the descendants had been better off, are included in the calculation.

African Americans living today were never slaves and are not entitled to wages for slave labor performed over one hundred years ago.

In that context, what does it mean for black people in the United States to seek recompense for the crimes committed against them in previous generations? When reparations to Native Americans or internees of Japanese ancestry are cited as precedents for reparations to African Americans, opponents distinguish these cases based on practical considerations such as the absence of seizure of land belonging to African Americans or the difficulty of determining who should be eligible to receive relief.

The reparationist would argue that these spiritual injuries- the pain and suffering of slavery-have had a significant and lasting impact on the African-American community.

It is beyond the scope of this Paper to describe the injury at length or to prove the merits of the injury, but Professor Lawrence does an excellent job of describing the source of unconscious racism and how it manifests itself in the lives of ordinary people.

The 'Case for Reparations' is solid, and it's long past time to make them

Black nationalist organizations, such as the Black Panther Party and Black Muslims, also demanded reparations. From the African-American consciousness, the match is an obvious and simple one, and it is hard for African Americans to conceive how opponents of reparations can justify a continued refusal to right the wrong.

If a fund were set up, who would administer it? The claim for reparations is not against white Americans or even individual Americans. This is what Coates means when he talks about reparations. First, he predicts that a program providing reparations to Blacks would be a slippery slope, for soon other historically discriminated minorities, such as women or Hispanics, would make similar demands.Reparations for Slavery An Analysis from the Dominat Perspectivethereby contributing to the opponents' conclusion that the idea of reparations to African Americans is absurd, frivolous, or unworthy of serious consideration.

[ Reparations as Redistribution ] [ Slavery Segregation and Reparation ] [ Slavery Segregation and. Slavery doesn't have a very good record of producing wealth.

Slavery was all over the South, and it was outlawed in most of the North. Buying into the reparations argument about the riches of slavery, one would conclude that the antebellum South was rich and the slave-starved North was poor. Reparations for slavery in the Americas are not just a lofty idea, but something that with political will could be reality.

- HOW TO JUSTIFY AND PURSUE REPARATION FOR SLAVERY IN JAMAICA-THE CARIBBEAN AND THE USA. The idea and arguments of paying reparations to the descendants of slaves has been in the American media and courthouses since the English barrister James Grahame published a groundbreaking book in setting the.

Reparations, Pro and Con. Many people and groups have voiced their opposition to the whole idea of slavery reparations. Major arguments against reparations include: There are no black slaves living today.

Slavery ended more than years ago at the cost of several hundred thousand lives lost in the Civil War. 5 Reasons Reparations For Slavery Are A Bad Idea. John Hawkins | Posted: Jul 26, AM. is the leading source for conservative news and political commentary and analysis.

An analysis of the idea of slavery reparation
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