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However, if this same consumer needed access to his or her personal health information, the ability of the patient or their health care provider to obtain the information would be limited. AHIMA, The ability to exchange health information electronically is the foundation of efforts to improve quality of care, improve patient safety, and reduce costs and thus proves the importance of health information exchange HIE.

HealthIT However, achieving this goal will also require strategies for overcoming obstacles encountered in the past. Bizzaro, Validating the National eHealth Collaborative NeHC belief that a public-private Analysis of hie essay is key to success, the panelists agree that broad and sustained collaboration coupled with clear, structured communication among stakeholders at all levels is vital.

Whether it be a patient relocated due to a natural disaster or being able to identify a patient who was prescribed a recalled drug, having access to health information no matter where the patient may be is necessary. The Obama administration envisions a future of lower cost and higher quality healthcare, and rapidly growing adoption of health information technology is to be a Analysis of hie essay lever in achieving such a future.

In an attempt to overcome some of the pitfalls learned inCHINs employed decentralized data structures that made it less likely to violate some privacy concerns. HIT Knowledgebase, IOM Reports Inthe Institute of Analysis of hie essay released the first of a series of reports that would ignite a national focus on patient safety and quality of care.

Medows Policy makers, researchers, industry groups, and health care professionals agree that health information exchange HIE is the much needed solution. The act also addresses privacy issues by strengthening privacy, security, and confidentiality.

Vest and Gamm, In addition, technology vendors, who were building the systems to collect fees associated with electronic transmission, seemed to pit the interests of hospitals against those of community physicians.

This first report, To Err is Human, addressed the fact that healthcare in the United States is not as safe as it should be. Hospitals have been identified as a primary financial contributor in a community but would also have the most difficulty in showing a return on investment.

NeHC, Establishing a Base of Support Healthcare technology executives face a need to connect an increasing number of providers and other stakeholders.

However, none of these systems ultimately survived due to lack of affordable and effective technology. In addition, while privacy laws allow for the sharing of information between organizations for the purpose of patient care, RHIOs are still responsible for ensuring patient privacy.

Current Challenges The key challenges facing health information exchange HIE today are establishing a base of support, interconnecting technology, and establishing financial viability amid uncertainty.

Achieving this long wanted goal will provide a connecting point for an organized, standardized process of data exchange. They developed in communities interested in the concept of HIE but with commercial endeavors rather than community stakeholders.

Finally, there was no clear return on investment. Once sufficient participation collaboration is achieved, technical interoperability becomes the key challenge.

The National Alliance for Health Information Technology defines health information exchange HIE as the process of sharing patient-level electronic health information between different organizations. HIT Knowledgebase, The systems were centralized data repositories that housed patient information.

Medows Personal health information is not used to its full potential to support effective and efficient care due to fragmented information creation and storage.

Each stakeholder has different needs, work on different data platforms, and have different requirements for accessing and managing data. While there are many clear benefits that come with the adoption of HIE, improving quality and safety of patient care seems to be the most important.

There are several reasons that led to this failure. This process is conducted in a manner that protects the confidentiality, privacy, and security of the information.

As with any system development, the struggle with implementing HIE is how to create and maintain a sound financing model into the future. Health care Consumers today have the ability to access information related to their daily lives or even information related to events happening on the opposite side of the world.

Health Information Exchange

First, there was a lack of focus on community stakeholders. HIT Knowledgebase, Despite the fact that anywhere from 75 to CHINs existed or were in the planning stages during the s, most failed to survive. The challenge is to develop and execute a long-term strategy that will meet urgent and important interoperability needs while also placing the organization in the position to face downstream challenges or harness future opportunities.

NeHC, Most healthcare organizations are burdened with managing multiple financial, administrative, and clinical systems on a variety of platforms.Free Essay: Health Information Exchange is leading the way to better Medical Care Medicine has come a long way in the past few decades.

Health Information Exchange Essay example; Health Information Exchange Essay example. Words Dec 18th, In addition I will provide an analysis of their primary roles and functions as they.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Discuss the history of HIE, current challenges, and ways to overcome them. 1. History of HIE a. When did it begin. (Medows) Policy makers, researchers, industry groups, and health care professionals agree that health information exchange (HIE) is the much needed solution.

(Vest and Gamm, ) Health Information Exchange (HIE) What is HIE? Health Information Exchange Essay Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (HIE) 3 WHAT IS HIE?

3 and the current developments and analysis of the transition and implementation of health informatics in health care organizations in the United States and globally. The analysis contains a brief overview. The Health information exchange or also known as HIE is the sending of healthcare-related data electronically to facilities, health information organizations and government agencies according to national standards.

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Analysis of hie essay
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