Are women more polite than men essay

In in her book Language and Women Place, she set basic assumptions of what marks out the speech of women, such as: Holmes gives the example of Bengali where a wife should not address her husband by his first name because of being subordinate to him.

It studies how men, women, children, old people and even animals tend to communicate. As we have just seen, here social factors interfere in the gender differences of speech.

However, William Labov attributes it to a slightly different case which is the socioeconomic class. Wardhaugh attributes it to the fact that women speech is misjudged to be trivial and that women conform to sociolinguistic form more than men.

And actually still observing such a phenomenon. He continued this process with the three stores. Labov returns it to the differences in social classes.

In the second store selling products with average price, only half of the clients pronounced the r. As well as Ronald Wardhaugh, in his An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, offers his studies about various linguists concentrating on the gender speech differences. Center for Applied Linguistics Lakoff, R.

She offers various reasons why women tend to speak differently from men. That is a matter to debate and leads to the question, can sexism cause differences in speech between the two sexes?

Diana Eades Labov, W. Linguists go further to study the gender speech differences. For example, Robin Lakoff attributes it to sexism in society.

She gives an example of the Amazonian Indian woman.

Gender Speech Differences

As we shall see later, linguists such as Robin Lakoff, Deborah Tannen, and William Labov studied the differences of speech between men and women. To illustrate this, Holmes offers a comparison between the three social classes in society: She gives four explanations: In the first one, clients pronounced the r ; which denotes the high standard.The strongest man is, no doubt, stronger than the strongest woman, and the majority of men are built better, or tougher than the majority of women.

A mans body can endure more than a woman's, and in our society being stronger, bigger, or tougher is a good thing and a goal for many people. Holmes tries to say that women are more polite than men, in the way a person speaks.

She says that women have ‘softened tones of disagreement’, whereas refers men to. Janet Holmes agrees with Tanenn when she says that “women are more linguistically polite than men” (Holmes, p).

However, Holmes focuses more on how men and women of the same speech community speak differently. The different conversational strategies of men and women can be analyzed in terms of compliments to demonstrate that women tend to be more polite than men.

Like tag questions, compliments are regarded as exemplary positive politeness strategies as the apparently main function of compliments is to consolidate the solidarity between. Jun 23,  · It can be found among men — in particular, British men — but it is far more stereotypical of women.

The ads are saying that men are far less likely to be conscious of personal space than. Read this Miscellaneous Essay and over 88, other research documents.

Politeness and Gender - Are Women More Polite Than Men?. Politeness and Gender Are Women More Polite Than Men? Politeness is defined by the concern for the feelings of others/5(1).

Are women more polite than men essay
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