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Her command of the English language and written word are awe inspiring, and her editing book editing services cost tight but not brutal. We strive for our prices to remain extremely competitive.

Editing a bad book will not make it become a good book. Many writers point to the Editorial Freelancers Association rates page as a guide toward setting editorial rates. If an editor is booked solid, can you afford to wait six months to get the editor you want?

For instance, you may have to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more for your top pick. Perhaps they have a looming deadline for publication, or simply do not want to wait a month or longer for the professional editing process to be completed.

Or, will you pay a premium to jump their queue if they offer such an option? Our book editing services uniquely cater to the increasing demand for affordable editing which has been spurred by the accessibility of publishing through the e-Book market.

Therefore, authors can select the turnaround time that suits them and the price will always remain the same.

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Scott Adams Your work is fantastic. Why would I want to order multiple rounds of editorial work if your editors are so good?

Have Your Book Edited by Experts from the Nation’s Top Publishing Houses

A query letter provides first contact between If I choose multiple rounds of editing, how much will my project cost? Your editor will have the confidence, experience and skill to greatly improve your book. Ideally they will be a much better writer than you are but maybe not.

So we do one round of editing that includes copyediting, proofreading and tons of comments on big picture stuff like plotting, character motivation and consistency.

Chances are that the manuscript will be returned to you without being read. You could also be using a reader group for this. They have a range of professional work experiences and we are happy to outline the experience of the editor you work with.

As we are an exclusively online businesswe keep our costs down and pass these savings on to our customers through lower prices. A professionally edited self-published book helps get the positive feedback you want.

How much you can expect to pay an editor depends on at least eight variables: We discussed points of difference and tried to find workable solutions to some unique problems.

For a ,word book, your editing costs could be: Sometimes, to fix a manuscript, you need to cut off an arm or a leg. If you are an established writer and you have experience with book sales, and an audience of hungry fans, and the money to afford editing, of course you should do it.

I am very happy with my book edit from The Book Butchers and I would do it again. Or, will you choose a lesser-known or less experienced editor at a lower price so that you can have your editing accomplished faster?Professional book editing services for self-published writers.


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Email Newsletter Log In. Toggle navigation MENU to the Professional Editing Package either after round one or after round two and pay only the difference in total cost.

Please visit the Pricing page for rate details and a custom quote. Kirkus Reviews Home; Company. The Book Butchers: Insanely Flawless Book Editing for Professional Authors | Manuscript editing and proofreading services designed specifically for indie authors. How much does book editing cost, and are you getting ripped off?

The Creative Penn's list of recommended editors. That means I receive a small % of the sale for the referral, but with no extra cost to you. Thanks for checking them out!] More recommended editors. Ash the Editor Premier fiction book editing services.

Polish Your Diamond. Professional book editing services can turn a good book into a great one. BookBaby Book Editing offers affordable manuscript editing from professional book editors. Request a Quote. Use this form to request a quote for editing services. The editors require a sample in order to provide a cost estimate.

Send a minimum of 20 pages if you're submitting a. Book Editing Services. Writing is an artistic calling, but publishing is a business. How do you reconcile the two? Success in this industry is part talent, part dedication, and part education. Does your story idea work?

Is there a market for what you're writing? Are your craft elements working well?

Book editing services cost
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