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The anger of the civilized society turned into barbarism. In the early 10th century, the Pratihara king Herambapala looted an image from a temple in the Sahi kingdom Communal riots in india essay Kangrawhich in the 10th century was looted by the Pratihara king Yasovarman.

Incidents of Hindu-Muslim clashes were reported in several areas during these riots. Search Chronology of communal violence in India India witnessed its worst communal riots in after the partition. Government investigations have revealed that foreign governments are encouraging and helping the undesirable elements in our country in a big way with funds and weapons.

The mood in the state was militant. Communalism has flourished in India because the communalist leaders of both Hindu and Muslim communities desire to flourish it in the interest of their communities. The various state and central governments have been doing their best to put such riots down with an iron hand but they continue to raise their ugly head at various times at various places.

All this created a serious problem of communal harmony. As a reaction to the demolition Muslim fanatics in Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, etc. For several weeks in September-Octobermany parts of the country witnessed communal riots, religious frenzy of unusual intensity and prolonged tensions cumulatively, gave the impression of breakdown of law and order.

The police was ineffective from to To gain their own end they divided the Hindus and Muslims. Their economic status is very low. Negative Impact of Mass Media: Communal Harmony Essay 2 words Communal Harmony is necessary for every nation. Those found, including Tarikh-i Mubarak-Shahi describe continued religious violence.

Disruption of Communal Harmony While the government takes stern measures to ensure communal harmony in the country, the same has been disturbed several times. In Kashmir, Sultan Sikandar began expanding, and unleashed religious violence that earned him the name but-shikan or idol-breaker.

It is known for its secular ways. However, the creation of Pakistan did not solve the communal problem. In one of the stories, the razing of stupas and viharas is mentioned with Pushyamitra.

The demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya on 6 December by a group of Kar Sevaks was followed by communal riots in many parts of the country.

Every city thus conformed as he desired to the customs of Islam. It is a national tragedy and also a blazing triumph for those barbarians who set the train in Godhra on fire. They are fanning the flames of violence and disruption.

There should be a sincere effort to ensure that employment and skill development opportunities are available in the economic, educational and social spheres for the minority communities.

Shaikh Nizam, for example, counseled, "There is nothing equal to a religious war against the infidels. The state treats all the religions equally.

Essay on “Communal Riots” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A large number of Hindus from Pakistan were forced to seek refuge in India.Essay on Communal Riots in India Research Papers Communal Riots in India A Chronology () B Rajeshwari Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Communal Riots in India A Chronology () B Rajeshwari Communal riots have become a distinct feature of communalism in India.

India has faced a lot of race riots both before and after its independence. Here is list of riots in India.

Religious violence in India

Religious violence in India includes acts of violence by followers of one religious group against followers and institutions of another religious group, often in the form of rioting.

Gujarat communal riots () Religious violence broke out.

Communal Harmony Essay

Communalism is a pervasive phenomenon in the public life of India and communal riots are the ugliest expression Gopal Krishna, Communal Violence in India Communal Riot In India Media Communications Essay. Print Reference this. Here is an essay on ‘Communal Violence in India’ for class 11 and Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Communal Violence in India’ especially written for school and college students.

After partition, India has seen recurrent communal riots in different parts of the country. A rise in fundamentalist feelings occurred due to.

Since no honest effort was ever made in secular India to bridge the gap of communal mistrust between the two major religious communities that was primarily due to historical wrongs, one should not be surprised that communal riots continue to occur frequently.

Communal riots in india essay
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