Experiment on polytropic process essay

Reservoir B is removed but continual compression from cd to ik causes the temperature to rise to. Two approaches are used to determined the polytropic exponent n from the data: Pressure measurements come from the pressure transducer tapped in to the pressure vessel shown in Figure 5.

Polytropic process

The reservoirs A and B maintain their respective temperatures Experiment on polytropic process essay heat transfer to or from the cylinder head. Temperature and pressure are recorded for each expansion process.

These wont be isentropic becuase some heat transfer is required to keep either P or T constant. Fully open all valves and check the pressure reading on the panel. The piston is initially at cd when high-temperature reservoir A is brought into contact with the cylinder head ab.

Here is the outline of the development of Equation 5. There is isothermal expansion to ef 3. Therefore mass can be considered a closed system with a moving system boundary and the following form of the first law of thermodynamics applies 5.

The junctions of these thermocouples are constructed of extremely fine wires 0. In the photo the thermocouple conduit has been removed and held outside of the vessel.

Two heat reservoirs A and B, with temperature greater than temperatureare available to make contact with cylinder head ab. These orifices allow the air inside the vessel expand at three different rates. Plot p versus v and find n: Glass cylinder breaking and cause gas leaking. The three discharge valves on the right side of the vessel have small, medium, and large orifices.

The slight difference of amount of gas input may change the reading of the pressure and temperature. This final mass was part of the initial mass and occupied part of the volume of the vessel at the initial state. We will examine two process paths in this diagram: Both thermocouple and pressure signals feed into an Omega [4] flatbed recorder.

From the results, the value between T2T1 and P2P1 k-1k is different. For the following simple processes the n values are: The air flow out to fast. Reservoir A is removed and the piston continues to gh and so cools to. For each run, on a separate graph, plot p [on the ordinate vertical axis] versus v [on the abscissa horizontal axis].

The fine wire thermocouple is described in the Figure 5.

Experiment on polytropic process Essay

Carnot gives the following six steps for his machine: Thus expanded within the vessel with a corresponding change in temperature and pressure. The gas might leak out from the system so that this causes the result to be inaccurate. In a single table show all of the n values.

Next, the pressure inside the chamber not yet stabilizes when the reading is recorded. Only one thermocouple is used — the other is a spare.

Experiment Report Essay

These two measurements are used to produce the polytropic exponent n for the expansion process. Furthermore, if we consider the air to be an ideal gas with constant specific heat. After a few minutes the temperature reaches equilibrium at which time one of the discharge valves is opened.

Temperature and pressure measurements of the air inside the vessel are recorded. Next, the vessel is discharged and the remaining air mass is. In this figure air is contained in the chamber formed by the piston cd in the cylinder.Two-stage Air Compressor Lab Report. Explorar. Explorar Scribd For a polytropic process of an ideal gas.

5. p1 and p2 for stage 1 and 2 of the compressor and overall. There is. i. Conclusion The experiment was successfully carried out without any major issues that could’ve caused the results not to be valid.

in allowing us to explore 5/5(1). Lab 4 Reciprocating Compressor - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. As a result of the steady-state experiment, it was found that the low-pressure and highpressure cylinders followed a polytropic process when the results were graphed and the curves were very close to identical for the varying.

The object of this experiment is to find the relation between pressure and volume for the expansion of air in a pressure vessel – this expansion is a thermodynamic process.

Introduction We will write a custom essay sample on Experiment on polytropic process specifically for you. Experiment 5 Polytropic Expansion of Air Object The object of this experiment is to find the relation between pressure and volume for the expansion of air in a pressure vessel – this expansion is a thermodynamic process.

We will write a custom essay sample on Experiment Report specifically for you for only $ $/page. polytropic process essay. In this experiment, the expansion process is adiabatic which is no heat transfer and entropy is remain constant.

The temperature and. Physics 23 Fall Lab 2 - Adiabatic Processes Theory This laboratory is a study of the adiabatic expansion of three gases: helium, air, and carbon In the experiment the pressures p 1 and p 2 are only slightly greater than p o: for an adiabatic process, dp dV.

Experiment on polytropic process essay
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