Freddrick the snowman

Then a car was thrown into the sky as Asuka burst out of the great mess, flying into the air to hover a few feet about the pile of burning cars.

What About Witch Queen? Equestria has Steelhooves and most other Canterlot ghouls, who regenerate when exposed to taint or radiation. When Clu executes his Coup, Tron single-handedly dices up all the other black guards accompanying Clu, but when Tron starts attacking Clu, a cutting stroke with a data disc is merely shrugged off.

The titular creature in the horror parody Monster in the Closet: Paul in With Strings Attached. Neo showed enough brawn to knock unconscious three upgraded Agents at the start of The Matrix Reloaded Freddrick the snowman, but these three returned to fight again later.

Child of the Stormbeing a world in the middle stage of Superhero Prevalence Stages and well on the way to the later stage, the appearance of this is really kind of unsurprising. In Superman story Superman of Godzilla himself can also regenerate from almost anything short of being completely skeletonized or reduced to a radioactive puddle — the two things that actually have killed him in the series.

In addition to diamond-powers, the Agents in The Matrix also manifest Body Surf and Fighting a Shadow tactics, taking over anyone still directly connected to the Matrix.

The eponymous hero of Hancock is immune to bullets and trains. Infact, even if you do manage to kill him, he can just possess another doll Their Powered Armors are too sturdy and advanced.

Part of what makes the film so terrifying and such Paranoia Fuel is that it only takes ONE cell for the creature to survive. Films — Animation The title character in the The Iron Giant combines being "Made of Diamond" survives heavy weaponry from tanksas well as a mixture of "Regeneration" and "External Repair" even after being blown apart, the Iron Giant is capable of self-repair while its pieces crawl back together from various places to rebuild itself.

The nameless monster from the film No Such Thing is completely invulnerable except possibly to the invention of an arcane genius, and as he wants very much to die he is billions of years oldor at least believes himself to be based on his memoriesis seeking the hard-to-find scientist.

He is literally Made of Diamond; his hair, nails, and teeth are either diamond or diamond-like. He completely no sells every single attack from Sonic and his friends, even in their Super forms.

The Great Confrontationthe invulnerability of the Els varies after centuries interbreeding with humans and sometimes Amazons. Every alicorn is also this to some extent as alicorns are also presented as Physical Gods in this settingbut none quite as much as King Titan.

News flash, he can still kill you! The huge hunk of what was now little more than scrap metal impacted the bottom of a tall stack of junked cars, which began to wobble dangerously. Presumably, this also applies to Biollante and SpaceGodzillahowever this is uncertain, as they never return to show that they actually survived the injuries sustained in their respective movies after dissolving into particles of light and fleeing to space.

Naturally she is the Stone Wall of the group, and her fellow Mane Six members can safely take refuge behind her, knowing that she can withstand any attack. Madsen and the assassin who tried to kill this person both speculate that only destroying the heart might finish this person off.

The Rise of Cobra can withstand gatling gun fire from systems that the U. A tiny spark from all metal scraping against metal formed and, by sheer misfortune, happened to drift into an open gas tank. On a somewhat lesser scale, Ultraman Finem can survive almost anything, including being smashed flat and is able to turn into a black hole.


Another Pixar film, The Incrediblesdeconstructs this a bit. This trope applies to most of the horror movie Psycho Killers — at least the ones who got sequels. Not only can they turn intangible at will, but while intangible they almost instantly heal any injuries they have sustained while in corporeal form.

The direct descendants of the first Superman and the original Supergirl are virtually undamageable; their relatives tend to be less tough.

In Supergirl story SurvivorsKara and her cousin have this power. Godzilla takes this to new levels, at least with what is confirmed onscreen. Diamond as neither can defeat the other no matter how hard they struck.

An apartment fire hurt him but even then, he vacanza. Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes white pages listings, public records and social network information into simple profiles to.

People Search GUIDE & TOOLS - Find Out The TRUTH About Anyone In Minutes! Direct Access to over databases. Someone cannot be harmed. Merely fighting them won't make them go away; if at all possible their defeat requires one to figure out how, which is a legendary quest in and of itself.

Usually the ability of the Big Bad in sci-fi and fantasy settings, few heroes get this one. (Except in Super Hero.

Freddrick the snowman
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