Has communism been good cuba

We arrived on June 4, -- a trip that should take six to seven hours had taken us Fidel Castro has been able to stabilise the economic system of Cuba.

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Communism is a theory that was proposed by a German philosopher named Karl Marx. Cuba has the most doctors per capita out of all the states in the universe Document I. Many see the apparent evidence as an attempt to justify US policy towards Cuba, and an offensive manipulation of the serious issue of human rights.

Communism has been a great benefit to the economic system of Cuba and Castro has proven himself really loyal to the people of Cuba. Under Communism there is no private belongings. This threatened anyone who invested in Cuba with a ban on doing business in the United States.

Those six were soon followed by over 10, more, and the Mariel boatlift was born. When the Cuban people overthrew President Batista inthey became an enemy of the United States.

As a result, life expectancy for Cubans Since the s, relatively few people have been executed in Cuba and, much like in the US, only the most serious crimes receive the death penalty. That ruins the whole three-act structure. Therefore, Communism has, in fact, been good for Cuba.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement "My parents took my brother and me into their bedroom and whispered that we were flying to the U. This is higher than in America This ranking is partly based on the degree of societal inclusion. Stage a fourth revolution?

By some miracle the Cuban officials were not able to discern that his papers had been falsified, and he was released but warned that they would come back for him if there were any more questions. Even though the communist threat was over, US politicians saw an opportunity to crush Cuban socialism once and for all.

Thankfully, Venezuela has agreed to set up a cable into Havana which will improve capacity. Fourteen hundred Cuban nationals, trained in the U. In addition, since Castro has come to office, his economic reforms have made the lives of people better.

To make matters worse, my father was forced to falsify some official papers to avoid detection. This means that the people in Cuba know what is traveling on and hold a voice in authorities determinations. That meant his imprisonment was imminent, and we had to flee. There is no demand to work for a net income because a commission in the authorities controls the economic system and equally distributes land and wealth among all the people.HAVANA, Cuba — When it comes to education, Cuba is the Finland of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Education in Cuba: Has Communism Been Good for Education?

Although one of the poorest countries in the region, education in Cuba is incredibly good. Statistics from UNICEF show that Cuba has universal access to a free education and a youth literacy rate of percent.

Has communism been good for the Cuban people? The agenda includes a debate about communism and whether it has been good for the people of Cuba. Your editor wants you to cover this important debate. Of course, you already know about different political systems, but this assignment is going to.

This is the type of government that Cuba has established, and when looking at the political, economical, and social aspects of Cuba as it is, it is evident that Communism has been good for Cuba. Despite everything Cuba has going against them, Castro and his communist policies have benefited the economy of Cuba greatly.

Sep 17,  · The Benefits of Socialism in Cuba. Updated on August 30, but there was no way it could have been.

Cuba's socialist experiment was always going to be a fight to see how much could be achieved in the face of overwhelming hostility from their imperialist neighbors.

They were living a good life in Cuba on the higher end of the Reviews: Communism has improved about every facet of Cuba. So. has Communism been good for Cuba? Based on the facts. the lone sensible reply is yes. Fidel Castro and Communist policies have been true.

loyal. and really dependable. which is the exact definition of good. Therefore. Communism has. in fact.

been good for Cuba. Communism has improved almost every aspect of Cuba. So, has Communism been good for Cuba? Based on the facts, the only reasonable answer is yes. Fidel Castro and Communist policies have been true, loyal, and very reliable, which is the exact definition of good.

Therefore, Communism has, in fact, been good for Cuba.

Has communism been good cuba
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