Online course reservation system srs document

The software requirement specification is mainly used for requirement elicitation. Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations. The administrator should recognize the personal and account details 3. After paying the fee, a receipt stating the details of the student and course they selected is provided by the Administrator.

If the user want to reserve a seat and he is not register then he must sign up. The flights will be assumed to be of a constant size that accommodates passengers at a time. The user must complete all the necessary steps to reserve the flight for the seat reservation to be guaranteed.

The user must have connected to the internet to use the system.

After registering, the student can log in to the system. Admin for the first time should also use sign up so his information will save in database. Modification in flight details is also done by the admin. If the course is available the student can proceed to the payment step, where the course fee can be paid online.

The users must have Window XP installed on system or later version platforms and browser should be Google chrome. Admin can also view user whole details even a password.

The screen by default will display options for searching round trip flights. The course requested by the student should be reserved. Then based on the qualifications of the student the system determines if the student is eligible for the course he has opted for. The accuracy of the information of the users is the responsibility of all users.

This document is developed after a number of consultations with the client. Result Thus the problem statement for Course Reservation system is written. Admin can also modify an user information as for need. All the data of user is maintain by the admin. Then the student selects the college and courses.

A student should be able to Login to the software through the first page of the application Enter the details clearly Enter the courses information clearly 2. It is also assume that all the clients running this software are not blocked by Firewalls, proxies etc.

User can reserve his seat by just clicking on reserve link and a message will displayed you want to reserve seat if yes so seat will reserve and vice versa.

Admin has an authority to add a new flight.To develop a problem statement, SRS document, UML Diagrams, Technical, Domain & Service layers for Online Course Reservation System.


No: ONLINE COURSE RESERVATION SYSTEM Date: AIM: SRS includes two sections overall description and specific requirements the documents and give suggestion whether or not to approve the dispatch of course.

CONSTRAINTS • The applicants require a computer to submit their information. Documents Similar To Software Requirements Specification for online student management system4/4(24). srs for railway reservation system 1.

SRS Railways Reservation 2. Railway Reservation 2 Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION Online course reservation system is used to choose the course through online by the students. They are provided with a catalog they can choose the course.

Course page – for each course in the document Aim: To write a SRS Document for the online course reservation system. there will be a view that will give the following 1/5(1). Srs For Online Course Reservation System.

OBTRS ONLINE BUS TICKET RESERVATION SYSTEM 1 FERSOFT Software Project Management Plan Version Preface The document contains the Software Project Management Plan of ONLINE BUS TICKET RESERVATION SYSTEM (OBTRS).

Online course reservation system srs document
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