Picnic by the seaside

We enjoyed the beautiful panoramic scenery of the blue water. It is also located right next to the 12th Avenue Bridge, where locals and visitors alike often congregate to enjoy crab fishing off the bridge.

There were a few rubbers pillows with the party. Baskets full of bread and fruits were emptied in no time. This fun continued for a long time. The sea water was savoury! My brother,sister and I were in a team while my parents were in another team. We enjoyed ourselves splashing each other.

My sister and brother decided to build sandcastles while my parents and I enjoyed the sea breeze. After that,my mother took out the food we had brought.

Our warm body chilled when the cold sea water touches our body.

The match was exciting because the loser would be punished. Ultimately, the City of Seaside will be seen as a city within a park that includes a necklace of restored rivers, coast, and forest.

There were many people when we arrived there. After the meal, we lay down on the sand for a rest. Soon,we decided to look for a suitable picnic spot. We used these for the game.

A few pieces of paper in which the food had been packed served instead. After a short rest, we got up once again. We swam about for a longtime when we were tired of swimming. The park is an opportunity for the City of Seaside to shape their identity as a destination rooted in the natural coastal environment.

The match came to an end. I hope I could visit this memorable place in future. Dusk was fast approaching, when we left the seadressed ourselves, and headed for home. They will learn of the powerful coast-shaping forces of the tsunami, the difficult path of the Coho salmon and the cycle of nutrients formed by the tides.

Soon enough,we decided to play beach volleyball. Luckily,my parents only punished us to pack the things before leaving. We decided to leave the exciting place at dusk. These kept some of us afloat without much effort. Then we jumped into the sea. I took out a canned of carbonated drink to quench my thirst.

Our leader gave us some advice about swimming and on rescuing a person from being drowned.SEASIDE PARKS AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES SURVEY - Return by July 19,City Hall.

Seaside Parks Master Plan. BROADWAY PARK.

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Located at Broadway, right next to the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District. This park has a skate park, picnic tables, covered picnic shelter, restrooms and river access.

Seaside Picnic. likes. Multisensory Picnic. Ethereal transmission from Vida Vojić giving us those deep ocean feelings. Pack a picnic and join friends for the North Coast Land Conservancy at Circle Creek Conservation Center in Seaside for the Summer Picnic at the Barn.

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Picnic by the seaside
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