Robbery in progress

You know that during the first few moments of an in-progress call, responding units have poor radio discipline and will be stepping all over themselves on the radio. She takes up a position near the pumps by the parked car that was left by the citizen who ran.

She barely gets in position when the suspect Robbery in progress out of the door and moves into the parking lot.

Post-Response What are your priorities now that the suspect is secured? Your backup sees this and follows with "Drop the gun now! You need to control the crime scene, start a crime scene log, and think about processing.

If he had tried to shoot, he was out in the open and both of you had a strong shooting position behind cover. A non-approach traffic stop was made, in which the officer called the back seat passenger who was said to be the robbery suspect by the citizen back to officers instead of the officers approaching the car.

We tailor our tactics to meet our needs. Your priorities always start and end with the preservation of life.

Shades of Blue

Your choice could have been made for you if the suspect saw you and never came outside. You have to make use of your time because there is no telling when the suspect will leave or if he will decide to hurt someone.

However, you need to maintain your perspective; this is your case and you are still working your investigation. You are fortunate enough that you have several officers on their way.

We chose to handle the suspect outside rather than inside. Initial Thoughts You have several things in your favor. The officers acted professionally during the entire interaction. Amaury Murgado is a special operations lieutenant with the Osceola County Fla. You need to get a detailed written statement and ask if there is any surveillance video.

In order to get a clear picture of what you are facing, you need to take inventory of your situation. Right now the only thing you know for sure is what you see. How thieves can get away in broad daylight Update: Footage of Apple Store robberies highlight just how quickly thieves are able to get in and out with thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Apple Store robberies: How thieves can get away in broad daylight

While your backup deals with your prisoner, you make sure no one got hurt inside the store, secure the crime scene, and start your paperwork.

The goal undoubtedly is to lure people in, but all these robberies suggest that might be backfiring. You call off the rest of your backup and clear the channel from emergency traffic. As you yell, "Police, drop your gun!

Take a quick degree look around so you know what to factor in. Pre-Response Do you have a clear picture of the situation thus far? What are your priorities? The suspect was a black male in the back seat of a blue Lexus, the couple reported, according to police.

Worcester officer encounters Honey Farms robbery in progress

Your only guide is the totality of the situation, and each call is different. Loop observe, orient, decide, act by giving him a stimulus he was not expecting but now has to consider.

Police were able to catch a third fleeing suspect and two more in the getaway vehicle -- a group who they believe may be responsible for a string of similar Apple Store robberies.

How will you set up on the suspect? They were on their way home from church at the time, Bertrand told the newspaper. Depending on your policies, you might consider getting your detectives involved with the interview of the suspect.

Robbery in Progress

You pay attention to officer safety considerations and drive up from an angle that allows you to see the parking lot and inside the store.

Focus on the now and plan for contingencies if you have time. There are always multiple possibilities and potential responses.Police officials said in a statement that an officer was flagged down by a black couple who indicated that a robbery was either in progress or had just taken place.

The suspect was a. Feb 25,  · As you approach the store's entrance, you realize the clerk is being robbed at gunpoint. As far as you can tell, no one else is in the store. You also note that there are two people getting gas at the pumps and there are no other people around. WEBVTT THAT WAS A FATAL ACCIDENT THERE.


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Aug 22,  · Update: Not this time! Apple Store shoppers tackled two thieves to the ground, stopping a robbery in progress. Clayton, N.C.

— Police were able to stop a burglary in downtown Clayton on Monday. Two officers with the Clayton Police Department were walking down Main Street early Monday when they heard the.

Police hear shattered glass, catch robbery in progress in downtown Clayton Download
Robbery in progress
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