Sample of point of sale system case study

The software includes features to both simplify and automate inventory management. By running a simple daily report, the company knew exactly which items were moving — and which were not. Products then can be efficiently picked for transfers between the warehouse and the stores.

Wasp listens to the needs of small business customers because of its passion to help each of those customers succeed.

After an extensive search, Concert Technologies was selected. Yet these costlier solutions were too time-consuming for the small retailer to learn and use.

Affordable POS systems marketed to small business lacked the high-level inventory functionality of the enterprise-sized systems used by large chain retailers.

The company further reduced costs thanks to fewer deliveries and less time spent in receiving at the stores. Enterprises striving to meet the needs of their customers often go to extraordinary lengths to develop new enterpris We could then export reports into a custom template that can be sorted by bin location in the warehouse.

Automatically generate purchase orders when items fall below reorder levels Reduce inventory carrying costs by tracking inventory turns and aging Receive merchandise into stock by scanning vendor UPC codes Remove items from inventory at the time of purchase Generate discrepancy reports to resolve errors in physical inventory At our request, Wasp added special features to our reports.

These include high-end capabilities such as automated inventory tracking, e-mail invoices, report generation and more. Rod Works uses a dedicated data field in Wasp QuickStore to label each bin in the warehouse.

As a result, we have realized a 65 percent reduction in the man-hours used for picking items for stores.

Case Study: Retail Point of Sale (POS) Deployment

Wasp QuickStore helps RodWorks: Typically, this kind of high-level functionality is enjoyed only by larger retailers using enterprise-sized technology solutions. Test the entry of items purchased by customer is correct Test discounts are applied correctly Verify store value cards can be used Check petty cash management works as expected Check totals and closings match Check cash drawer loans are handled properly Test the POS system is compatible with peripherals like RFID Reader, Bar Code Scanner etc.

Communications Infrastructure Project Management Drives IoT Deployment Success July 25th, Because of the competitive advantage that Internet of Things IoT devices can deliver to business, enterprises are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to align their technology deployment stra A Technology Rollout System is a structured set o This makes it simple for warehouse personnel to quickly move through the warehouse and efficiently collect items for shipment.

Click here to download a copy of this Customer Success Story. Verify that the correct code is generated for approved, hold or declined transactions Negative Scenarios Test system with expired card details Test with invalid PIN for credit card Check the inventory by entering wrong code for the item Check how system responds while entering wrong invoice number Test for negative transaction Test the responds of system while entering invalid date for promotional offers on line items Managing Promotions and Discounts Test system for various discount like veteran discount, seasonal discount, undergage or overgage discount etc.

Cutting warehouse costs in half Because it was so critical to have the correct inventory items on hand at each store, Rod Works shipped items between the warehouse and various retail locations each and every day.

This affected the entire process, from transferring product to the stores all the way up to product purchases. This enabled better decision-making for purchasing, merchandising, managing stock levels and more, ensuring that the most popular items were always on hand. Needed inventory is listed on the reports according to where the items reside in the warehouse.

Testing for Retail POS (Point Of Sale) System

Following measures will help with security of POS Security testing in compliance with PCI standard is very crucial to be addressed as the part of enterprise testing Actively manage all software on the network so that only authorized software can only execute and installed Conduct regular Penetration Testing to identify attack vectors and vulnerabilities Include tests for the presence of unprotected system information and artifacts that would be useful to hackers Use vulnerability testing tools Create a test bed that imitate a production environment for specific penetration tests and attacks against elements that are not tested in production Challenges in POS testing.

For example, the Concert Project Manager took over a step that previously required the on-site technician to contact an external vendor and then wait in a queue for the payment system to be provisioned.

These are now standard features in Wasp QuickStore, and we have adapted our daily operations around them. Preparing for Ethernet Site Readiness By optimizing pick lists with QuickStore, Rod Works dramatically reduced labor costs in its warehouse. A Technology Rollout System Is More Than Project Management August 8th, An overview of the services, processes and procedures of a technology rollout system designed for nationwide multi-site, multi-technology deployments.

In addition, Rod Works enhanced the accuracy of inventory fulfillment. The management team wanted to develop a more efficient way of operating the business.

Rod Works continues to leverage QuickStore software for much more than checking out customers, including reporting, receiving and purchase orders, customer tracking and employee timekeeping.

What do we do?Starbucks has been affiliated with merchant services and mobile payments provider, Square, since fall Square's point of sale system is now used in over Starbucks outlets across the. The Effects of POS Implementation and Retail Technology on Sales and Profitability profitability and productivity of the use of Point of Sale, Inventory Control and Customer Profiling Software totally attributed to the deployment of study also found that the newer the system, the lower the sales increases attributed to.

Point of Sale (POS) system is an electronic that provides businesses with capability to retrain and analyse a wide variety of inventory and transaction data on a continuous basis. One of the products of this technology is automation of existing systems of business and establishments to provide faster and more accurate service.5/5(1).

POS Testing is defined as Testing of a Point of Sale Application. A POS or Point Of Sale software is a vital solution for retail businesses to carry out retail transactions effortlessly from anywhere. You must have seen Point of Sale terminal while checking out at your favorite Mall. The system is.

INTRODUCTION AND CASE BACKGROUND Case study is a record of somebody’s problems and how they were dealt with.

It is also an system would manage guest bookings, online reservations, point of sale, telephone and other amenities. files if any problems was insisted due to any troubleshooting of the system in case.

Case Study: Retail Point of Sale (POS) Deployment | The Situation. This retail customer is one of the originators of the Activewear clothing category that offers customers a new collection every month and it was this rate of change that created the need for a new Point of Sale (POS) system - one that is able to keep pace with such a rapid rate of product change.

Sample of point of sale system case study
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