Security features of payment gateway information technology essay

All the information lying at the backend of payment gateway contributes to successful completion of transactions through payment gateways and hence, following are the key aspects to keep in mind while testing payment gateways: While documenting and executing functional testing of payment gateways, do not forget to test the following aspects: It takes the credit card information from the Virtual Terminal to the credit card processor, and returns the approval information back to the Virtual Terminal.

In this way, credit card processors are able to make sure only a few certified [and therefore trusted] companies have access to their systems via the Internet.

Are the web services, data and information channels connected to banking servers encrypted?

Payment Gateways 101

By integrating a good payment gateway in your online business it will not only make your sales robust but it will also make your handling of transactions with a tight security. Providing 24 hours service to your customers with technical support and customer assistance, will make them feel comfortable, reliable and trust your business in making a purchase regardless of what the distance will be.

What is an Internet Merchant Account? One of the ways to achieve this is through payment gateway testing.

An Internet merchant account is a merchant account specifically approved for processing "card not present" sales [i. Functionality When it comes to testing of payment gateways, functionality comes in the first place. Does it contain user roles and authorization management? Are the information databases stored in the proper format with right access?

Does it work during load times? This largely covers the web services connected to different bank servers and hence it involves following points: Does it apply region-specific charges and taxes and perform calculations correctly? This unique number is attached to each credit card transaction that originates from your Web site.

Features of free add-on Free add on features should be provided to make your online business easier in operating and monitoring.

Some examples of add on features are recurring bill, shopping cart, virtual terminals and quickboooks.

The payment gateway is software and network service that operates between your Web site and the bank authorization systems.

The Internet payment gateway is the Internet equivalent to the credit card swipe terminals used in your local retail stores. Are proper load balancing components configured to the gateway? How Does it Work? Does it process correct amount in the right currency format from the banking server?

There are a lot of other things that go into comprehensive testing. Secure pages should always be used while handling credit card processing online.

The Merchant ID number is also associated with your business checking account. Does it work across different environments?Payment Gateway Core Features We Are Committed To The Core Our core gateway features have everything you would expect, plus some extras to help you stand out from your competitors.

The payment gateway tokenizes sensitive information and sends it to the merchant’s acquiring bank. 4 Processor sends an “approved” or “declined” response back to the payment gateway. Important Features of a Good Payment Gateway.

By. Contributing Author business it will not only make your sales robust but it will also make your handling of transactions with a tight security.

Internet Payment Gateway

While integrating a good payment in your online business there are important features which you need to know as these will definitely give you a. Payment gateway testing unlike testing of other applications and features requires rigorous planning and diligence since it involves testing of different aspects such as security, web service connectivity, authorization, and data encryption.

A payment network gateway is a web-based service that integrates with the merchant’s e-commerce website to collect payment information provided by the customer [Unibul ]. The data is encrypted by gateway and transmits it to the card issuing bank for authorization.

Participants Of Secure Electronic Transactions Information Technology Essay.

Important Features of a Good Payment Gateway

Print Merchant will send the customer payment information to Payment Gateway in order to verify the sufficient credit for payment in customer account. Information Technology Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Information Technology Essays Examples of Our.

Security features of payment gateway information technology essay
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