Technological factors of nokia

External Factors The external environment consists of technological, legal, social, economic and political factors.

External and Internal Environmental Analysis for Nokia

The pace of change in technology is becoming more rapid, and often changes that impact your market come from unexpected sources. The biggest concern of Nokia at this very moment is that Nokia has collaborated with Microsoft and in the contemporary scenario it is the Android that has been fascinated by the customers.

Technological Factors Affecting Nokia The technological challenges affecting Nokia are at the root of the social factors limiting its business. What does Nokia have to do in the legal field? Social Factors Today mobile phone is not just a simple communication gadget, but become a companion in the day-to-day life and work friends.

The company spread its business in about countries and it introduced the best possible technology in the beginning with different features of SMS, internet, MMS, camera and video recorders. The Future Nokia faces serious challenges in a radically altered mobile phone market.

The companies have to follow the taxation policy, government stability and employment laws to follow them in the country, where they conduct their operation. This has the ability to affect both the primary line of the company because of corporation tax but also the ability and power of customers to spend with Nokia and its services, linked to income tax.

Users are more aware of mobile phone handset choice and advancements due to increased information availability. To understand the macro environment more this article will study each section in depth. Environmental Factors Like all other mobile manufacturing companies, Nokia has to follow the rules and regulations, which are made to keep the environment clean.

Environmental Factors Green products or called the environmental friendly products are now days more accepted by the population due to pollution related issues.

Nokia operates in a diverse number of culture and all levels of social class simply because different models are frequently released to satisfy all individuals despite their difference in race, nationality, religion, income level or beliefs among each other.

As far as the business of the mobile phone company in India, the company has to follow minimum wage laws and the company has to pay the same pay to the workers. Nokia has established a website to help consumers read about the features articles, and help them to acquire knowledge about Nokia products.

Nokia also have online sellers such as amazon, snapdeal.

Pestle Analysis of Nokia

Search our thousands of essays: Nokia module is also built strongly, have strong resistible power. Nokia has many competitors in the phones markets; it used to be in the first place however it decreases from its position and left the competition to 2 big Companies such as Apple and Samsung.

It would be very hard for people to replace phones with something else; however if we think that substitute is having different companies that can provide similar or different products than the one Nokia is selling or offering in the market, we could said that Nokia has very large number of substitute in the phones industry and its one of the main problem that Nokia is facing such Apple and Samsung are taking place and having good power in the market.

Nokia needs to confirm that where it can set its business operations to get maximum profit.Technological Factors Of Nokia. Technological factors can lower barriers to entry, reduce minimum efficient production levels, and influence outsourcing decisions.

Some technological factors include: * R&D activity * automation * technology incentives * rate of technological change Environmental factors: environmental factors include the.

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Jun 05,  · This model looks at the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors relating to Nokia and the industry they operate in.

To understand the macro environment more this article will study each section in mint-body.coms: 3. Technological Factors Technology is able to diminish costs, upgrade quality and lead to enhancement. Key technological development such as the internet have allowed firms such as Nokia to develop online business models which complement traditional bricks and mortar retail establishments.

Technological Factors in Business: Definition & Concept. Technological change is advancement in the 'art' of making products or in the development of processes. Technological change can be. This FREE eBook explains the technological factors considered in a PESTLE analysis - download it now for your PC, laptop, tablet, Kindle or Smartphone.

PEST Analysis of Nokia. PEST analysis identifies the political, economic, social and technological factors that of which directly affect a company.

Political Factors. Political/Legal environment are usually considered as one because they are enforced by the nation’s government. It is vital for Nokia’s operation because different nations.

Technological factors of nokia
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