The question of whether volunteering is a good deed or a burden

It can create useful citizens and teaches students strong leadership skills. On a similar note, an individual who volunteers on a part-time basis and chooses their hours freely is more likely to be deemed a true volunteer than one who is scheduled for forty hours a week and needs to go through a formal approval process before varying from that schedule.

While any organization may have rules related to provision of services, the more restrictions placed on what volunteers may do and how they may do itthe more likely they may be considered an employee. B Nature of compensation of any sort such as money, room and board, perks, etc.

Schools today should have mandatory community service in order to graduate. This after school program gives elementary students and opportunity to be paired up with a high school mentor and each week write to their mentors via E-mail.

There are no exceptions, and such companies must refuse any non-exempt employee offer to spend some extra time working for the company without pay. Mandatory community service being established in some schools today can be the first step for students to realize the investment we all have in our community.

Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances. This factor focuses on whether the volunteer is displacing a bona fide employee.

Giving significant gifts or a monetary stipend less than minimum wage to a volunteer makes it more likely that the individual will be deemed an employee.

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Along with a positive effect on the community, it builds character, and creates skills one can carry with them for a lifetime. Likewise, if a person already is a paid employee of a nonprofit, that individual can never offer the same or similar services, or services related to those for which she is paid.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. However, as we have previously discussed, in the context of student interns and independent contractorsif an individual is a bona fide employee, he or she cannot waive the right to receive minimum wage under federal and state law.

This program teaches kids writing skills and If every student volunteered in their own community unlimited changes could be made in not only individual lives, but the overall community would be a better place to live. Three students at a local high school in Silver Spring, Maryland were required by school district to perform 75 hours of service in order to receive a diploma.

When determining whether an activity is "ordinary volunteerism," the DOL and courts consider the following factors, in addition to ensuring that the work is truly voluntary: On the other hand, if the individual is involved in non-sales duties, such as assisting the elderly, tutoring children, or planting at a community garden, it is more likely they will be deemed a true volunteer, rather than an employee.

This exception to the wage laws applies where the individual undertakes the activity for his or her own "personal, civic, charitable, humanitarian, religious, or public service reasons. Whether a student is forced to volunteer or not, students should be willing to help out their community.

Volunteers should be true volunteers. Helping others should not be considered a burden. Under such circumstances, employees may participate as long as: D How much control does the company exert over the volunteers? Beyond a doubt, volunteering benefits all who are involved. In all circumstances, however, employers should tread cautiously when dealing with an individual who volunteers to do work for free.

21 Ways to Do A Good Deed

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If the services performed by the volunteer are the same or similar to those performed by paid workers, it is likely that your "volunteer" will be deemed an employee as well and entitled to minimum wage. Getting involved lets you become a more valuable citizen and sets a good example for younger generations to come.

None of these factors is a "sure thing" in determining whether someone is a true volunteer and, ultimately, whether an individual must be paid as an employee depends on the particular circumstances.

volunteering Essay Examples

C Are others being paid as employees for the same type of work? Acts of kindness towards others in a community encourages and influences others to pursue volunteering, obviously, the people they are helping are benefited but they receive a feeling of fulfillment for themselves.21 Ways to Do A Good Deed One of the greatest things any of us can do in life is reach out and do a good deed for another human being.

Whether it means offering your love and compassion, or making a charitable donation of time, energy or money, there are many ways to bring sunshine into the lives of others. The Question of Whether Volunteering Is a Good Deed or a Burden ( words, 1 pages) Community Service Volunteering is it a good deed, or a burden?

Helping others should not be considered a burden. Choose to volunteer and do good deeds for the benefits you can bring to others, rather than what you can do for your own status.

Enrich your life. That being said, volunteering can enrich your own life in so many ways without that being your intention.

Furthermore, volunteer work can help you advance your career, whether you are fresh in the labor market or an seasoned professional.

Volunteering not only gives you a unique set of skills and broad knowledge base, it makes you more confident and helps you discover new things about yourself. The Question of Whether Volunteering Is a Good Deed or a Burden PAGES 1.

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My Experiences as a Junior Volunteer at Fairview Ridges Hospita The Question of Whether Volunteering Is a Good Deed or a Burden. words. 1 page. The Benefits of Volunteering Works in Personal Growth and Development.


Community Service

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The question of whether volunteering is a good deed or a burden
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