The significance of multiculturalism in todays global political environment

Encourages Creativity Different cultures have different ways of approaching problems. It is incumbent on us to exploit the best of all of our differences for the benefit of as many of us as possible and, by so doing, establish a climate of trust rather than suspicion.


We should cherish the opportunity to sublimate the notion of a rigid Western, Eastern, Christian, Judaic, Islamic, etc. It is often associated with "identity politics", "the politics of difference", and "the politics of recognition". Enhances Work Environment Embracing multicultural concepts at work helps people feel appreciated for who they are and the unique skills they offer.

The resulting communication leads to respect among employees who have a better understanding of appropriate interactions and an appreciation of their co-workers and the viewpoints they bring to the team. As a species, we are handcuffed by our own cultural myopia if we eschew philosophical, ideological or spiritual knowledge of our fellow man.

Recently, right-of-center governments in several European states — notably the Netherlands and Denmark — have reversed the national policy and returned to an official monoculturalism.

This does not mean "tolerate. Moscow beggars receive more gifts from fellow ethnics than from other ethnies [ sic ]. Putnam conducted a nearly decade-long study on how multiculturalism affects social trust.

Multiculturalism may be the antidote for the inappropriate and destructive behaviour of dictatorial regimes and religious orthodoxy, regimes bent on breaking the will and spirit of their subjects and antagonizing their neighbours.

It is important because it encourages dialogue, often between radically different cultures that have radically different perspectives. It is also a matter of economic interests and political power. As a young, often annoyingly inquisitive boy, my father continually reminded me of the need to examine other cultures from a neutral, rather than a Western perspective.

James Trotman argues that multiculturalism is valuable because it "uses several disciplines to highlight neglected aspects of our social history, particularly the histories of women and minorities [ The skin of one thigh was reserved to be fashioned into a face-mask for the man impersonating Centeotl, Young Lord Maize Cob, the son of Toci.

Criticism of multiculturalism Critics of multiculturalism often debate whether the multicultural ideal of benignly co-existing cultures that interrelate and influence one another, and yet remain distinct, is sustainable, paradoxical, or even desirable.

To paraphrase American educator Howard Shorr, "mankind must make global multiculturalism a cornerstone of education When you have a group of diverse cultural backgrounds, everyone is looking at situations through a different lens, a unique perspective.

It is a place for those seeking civility in a world of differences rather than those who would use those differences to cultivate a community of exclusion. Almost without exception, Canada, but more specifically the GTA, is a haven of harmony and calm in a tumultuous world.

Tip Maintain clear diversity policies and explain acceptable behavior. Customers have a chance to speak with someone who knows their native tongue or understands certain customs. Case studies of the United States, Africa and South-East Asia find that multi-ethnic societies are less charitable and less able to cooperate to develop public infrastructure.

A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precedent. We act like turtles. What is the merit in that? It is within this context in which the term is most commonly understood and the broadness and scope of the definition, as well as its practical use, has been the subject of serious debate.

Multiculturalism brings together a diverse set of cultures and ethnic backgrounds in the work environment. Encouraging employees to provide input or feedback during meetings empowers them to be part of the process and develops an engaged workforce.

Relative to so many cities and countries around the world, Toronto and Canada are such a model of civility, a model that is envied and admired, and yet one that some Canadians are only too quick to criticize.

Having a multicultural workforce shows a different face to the public. When employers hold diversity training and teach team members about diversity, positive things can result.

Valued employees tend to be happier, and happier employees tend to be more productive. Relatively homogeneous societies invest more in public goods, indicating a higher level of public altruism.

Where is the nobility in mere tolerance? A little nationalism, like a little knowledge, can be a very dangerous thing and, as history has shown to the point of redundancy, it can be a catalyst for egregiously barbaric and immoral treatment.

The wealth of viewpoints brings in a wide array of ideas that benefit any team. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined.

These two goals unite us all. Multiculturalism makes the ideal and altruistic notion of loving our fellow man a tangible possibility, rather than a nebulous philosophical concept.Multiculturalism as a political philosophy involves ideologies and policies which vary widely, ranging from the advocacy of equal respect to the various cultures in a society, [citation needed] through policies of promoting the maintenance of cultural diversity, [citation needed] to policies in which people of various ethnic and religious groups are.

The value of multiculturalism

In today’s global society, without any prior knowledge of other people; when a person actually gets out into the real world their often stuck with a. Multiculturalism is a component of interdisciplinary curricula, but it must be distinguished from global and international education.

The Advantages of Multiculturalism in the Workplace

Multicultural issues focus on accepting people from many cultural backgrounds within a political entity, whereas global and international education move far outside of one‚sown country.

Diversity and multiculturalism are important aspects to consider in this global environment.

It is critical to understand how one’s perspective toward multiculturalism and diversity affects an organization. political leaders must realize how important understanding an opponent's culture is to operating in today's global environment. In this paper I will show how the lack of cross-cultural awareness has decreased military effectiveness, and explain what must be done to address these shortcomings.

Multiculturalism is important because it dilutes and dissipates the divisiveness of ignorance. It is important because it encourages dialogue, often between radically different cultures that have radically different perspectives.

The significance of multiculturalism in todays global political environment
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