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Another examplethey have to avoid certain places. While fast food and alcohol may be dangerous when used to excess, they are not harmful when used in moderation. From the advertisements, business people portray smoking as something cool that everyone should embrace. In fact, nicotine addictions may not be as hard to break as it is publicly perceived.

Smoking: Why It Should Not Be Banned Essay Sample

The biggest role to play is on the part of the legislation. If you smoke as well, you can talk about it. If people were to die from the toy or soda, they would have done so without knowing the risk that was presented to them by using the product.

Those who want to ban smoking declare that the ban would tobacco should be banned essay help for the good of the nation.

Other than that, this Feel free to check samples of such essays or watch talk shows. If these results did occur after a ban, cigarette prohibition would cause more harm than help. Those who do not smoke definitely should not start.

Quite honestly, neither are cigarettes. To be realistic, we cannot dread the effects of smoking tobacco if we still allow for its processing and advertisement in the media. So no matter what law we come up with or anything else we try to do to stop drugs there is no guarantee all of it will go away so no matter what drugs are here to stay.

They also argue that is wrong for smokers to endanger others with secondhand smoke. Knowing this, the government cannot place all the blame on the companies. If possible, there should be a total ban on using tobacco.

Perhaps one day benefits to smoking a cigarette a day will be discovered.


The organization of the industry gave rise to organized crime. Antismoking organizations make numerous claims about smoking and the smoking industry.

Minors who smoke cigarettes know that what they are doing is wrong, but they choose to do it anyway. Some people follow pieces of advice offered by a compelling smoking effects essay, but some do not. Honestly speaking, smoking adverts will always outdo smoking cigarettes essay papers.

Arguments you need to include into the smoking essay When writing the smoking essay, the student need to mention the harmful effects of tobacco on health, for example, tobacco use decreases the density of the bones which increase the chances of developing osteoporosis hence the bones are likely to undergo fracture.

By banning alcohol, the government created a huge black market for the intoxicating substance. Writing argumentative essay on smoking with compelling arguments In this argumentative essay on smoking, I strongly advocate that tobacco should be banned because the second-hand smoke has contributed to nonsmoker developing the infection that relates to smoking and has experienced tremendous costs in treating these diseases.

Heavy penalties should be imposed on those who are found smoking especially in social places. Thus far, it becomes clear that smokers know of the risks of smoking, and they accept them.

Why Smoking Should Be Banned Essay Sample

For instancewhen a person smokes full bucket in one dayhe or she would definitely suffers from health issues such as unusual coughingdifficulty in swallowing. This essay will explain both the good and bad effect of smoking towards our health.

You find a lot of emotional and compelling smoking argumentative essay papers on the web. Therefore, nicotine is addictive which make the tobacco smokers to continue with the behavior irrespective of the side effects encountered.

The first huge reason why smoking should not be made illegal is because it has been proven that prohibition does not work.

If current smoking patterns continue, it will cause some 10 million deaths each year by However, this case also has a sub-argument to it.

Stop Smoking Wales is the organisation funded by Welsh Government; with the mission to offer free and friendly support including providing quitting guidance, advice and information to those smokers who are intend to give up smoking across Wales since More than 47 million people in the nation continue to smoke cigarettes.Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Should be outlawed Cigarette smoking is prevalent among many adults in the world.

Cigarettes And Other Tobacco Products Should Be Outlawed (Essay Sample) November 27, by admin Argumentative Essay, Tobacco production and cigarette use should be banned because it leads. SHOULD CIGARETTE SMOKING BE BANNED? Essay sample by my essay writing com. Introduction. Cigarette, a long cylindrical roll of tobacco.

Should Smoking be Banned? *argumentative essay , feedback*

Smoking: Why It Should Not Be Banned Essay Sample In today’s world, being a smoker is a pretty difficult task. Modern day protestors have brought many restrictions to the smoking industry. In my opinion, I believe that smoking should be completely banned.

Not only is smoking any form of tobacco dangerous to you health, but it /5(16). Free sample argumentative essay on Banning Tobacco: There are many ways to stop people from using drugs such as tobacco instead of prohibition there are Some people think there is nothing left for them in this life or they got nothing to lose if they do drugs so we should help those people out and try to force help upon them even though we.

I think that our country should ban smoking and the production of cigarettes in order to maintain a healthier nation, help save the environment, and prevent the almost deaths that they cause in fires each year.

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Tobacco should be banned essay help
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