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And when audiences do engage with mainstream media they expect a high level of interaction, thus news articles and blogs have comment functionality, news organisations produce social media pages, musicians, filmmakers and public relations firms use YouTube as a dissemination tool, photographers use Facebook, etc.

The audience is asked for stories, breaking news, images, and audio and video footage, leading to the argument that news producers are becoming curators rather than generators of the news Bruno, ; Newman, Journalists regularly scour social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and, increasingly, Pinterest, to discover the latest water-cooler trend.

Western media essay the other hand, there are areas where employment is increasing, and quickly.

Richard Maisel wrote the above in after reviewing media growth trends from Jobs in web design, production, social media and public relations are booming in the West with New York Times journalist David Barstow declaring: Over the last twenty years, media workers in the West have been faced with changes in the way content is produced and consumed.

As an example, in the US, advertising on Google has grown steadily since in comparison to advertising in print media. Traditional media organisations are competing for advertising dollars with non-media companies such as Google and Facebook.

Changes in technology, digitisation of content and convergence have each played a part in a transforming media landscape.

Western Media

This paper looks briefly at the state of media work in the West, including different forms of journalism but also other areas of media production, and discusses the Australian media industry within this context.

While employment in other areas of media production, such as filmmaking and music, has always been precarious, digitisation and changes in distribution has meant many jobs in these areas, and other areas of media production, are simply disappearing.

islam( in the eyes of western media)

An increase in requests for user-generated content by mainstream media organisations has also meant media producers are less likely to actively seek out stories, which has led to a change in work practices.

Stuart Allan describes how the role of the professional cameraman, for example, has changed: The authors in this paper contextualise these major changes in the context of recent developments in the Australian media industry.

Allan notes that the first instances of citizen journalism were user-generated content from the South Asian tsunami in and since then mainstream media has actively encouraged audience engagement in the news process.Western media should readily confront that while they own the biggest media outfits and establishments, they do not own and control the identity of the Arab people.

Neither can they say that they really understand them in the truest sense of the word.

Free Essay: The Media Portrayal of Islam Islam is portrayed and is commonly accepted as the most violent and largest direct threat to the West.

This is a. Western Media Essay Words | 5 Pages. receive as news in the western media (Michira,).

Often words used to describe Africa in the west include the following: dark, jungle, savage, underdeveloped, third world, hunger, disease, famine, drought, lack of history and culture. MINI LITERATURE REVIEW SOCI F PROFESSOR – HOLLY THOMAS Question #1 How does the social media help support a muslim woman’s rights and beliefs?

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Western media essay
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