Write a letter to president of india

Does such a terrorist deserve any mercy? India Book of Records The 40 national brain hunt resultant were then taken to an award function distribution ceremony, which was organized, on July 4,at Hotel Royal Plaza, in the capital city, New Delhi.

I fondly wish that your first official visit as the new President is to a school in a remote corner of North India.

N C Sen Gupta The wheels of justice have come a full circle for Kasab and company for having waged war against our beloved country. For any emergent or modern nation, it would indeed be downright shameful, and even outright inconceivable to blatantly discriminate against its citizens, especially its women community.

Mohammad Hamid Ansari assumed office in August of Do take those dusty roads not travelled before and dare to walk alone! He has hurt the pride of this country enough. At a time when a nation finds itself edgy and on the brink of intense political and economic mood swings, making peace with the status quo is tantamount to giving up when your best is yet to come.

August 13, If and when the mercy plea of Kasab comes to you, without betting an eyelid please throw it out for this beast deserves no mercy.

An open letter to President Pranab

President, India needs your ability to build consensus on these issues now more than ever. You may address the letter in either way. To tell you the truth, after a long time our country has got something to rejoice about.

What should be the format of a letter to the President of India?

He has watched enough Hindi films. The brain hunt rolled on from February 1, I G Patel 9. The law has finally taken its course. Aug 2, Strong Law against Rapist and all other women related crimes.Letter Format To President Of India Inspirationa Rejoining Letter pertaining to How To Write A Letter To The President Of India.

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How To Write A Letter To The President Of India

Being a ordinary citizen of India, every one has the right to write to the President of India and for that there cannot be fixed formats or rules to be followed.

But due care must be taken that you are addressing the letter to the First Citizen of India. Home › Contact; Reception Officer - Visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan and Museum Phone: / Ext.Web Information Manager.

A Letter To The Honourable President Of India

Shri Kumar Samresh Public Relation Officer, Museum President's Secretariat. Subject: A letter is praying for draw your kind attention about the ongoing injustice in Modern India and Transforming of a Civilization through British times Constitution. Respected; Sir; With due respect and humble, I the under signed as the peace loving law abiding citizen of India, submitting here in under my few demands for your kind attention and early action please.

Dear President, As the nation celebrates the journey of a village boy to the highest office in the land, there is a thrill of recognition that Indian democracy is still alive and walking.

We hope now you will not only walk around the sprawling lawns of Rashtrapati Bhavan with abandon but also along the length and breadth of India — particularly small towns and villages where India pulsates with pain and possibility.

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind at the inauguration of the centenary celebrations of Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi on September 22,

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Write a letter to president of india
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